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This website was created by a Bible-believing Christian in order to help those believers in Christ who are looking for sound biblical doctrine in the midst of all the confusing currents of contemporary Christianity.

We are convinced that we als children of God now live in the last times of the Age of Grace resp. the Church Age. And we are aware of the fact that the Word of God, the Bible, warns us repeatedly against dangerous deceptions and heresies that arise in the End-time church and are aimed at diverting true believers from the right path that God teaches us through His inspired word.

Therefore we think it is very necessary to warn all true believers to be on their guard against false teachers and their doctrines as well as against false prophets and their lying “visions”, “dreams” and “miracles”. We are admonished to take heed to the sound doctrine of the Bible, to study this doctrine diligently, as it is declared in the epistles of the apostles, to proclaim and teach it, and to defend it against all error (compare Jude 3, 1 Timothy 4, 2 Timothy 3 and 4 and other Scriptures) .

On this website you will find biblical arguments  that expose deceptive end-time doctrines, especially those of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement, but also of the Church Growth Movement, the Ecumenical Movement, and others. We publish papers in different languages, just as God leads brethren and sisters to translate them out of the German original.

The author of the papers published here, Rudolf Ebertshäuser, is a German Bible teacher. His original texts are published on the website das-wort-der-wahrheit.de.


About the author


Rudolf Ebertshäuser, born in 1953, had been a Marxist for many years. Later on he sought for the meaning of life in an alternative lifestyle and esoteric teachings. After his conversion at the age of 30 he came into contact with Charismatic groups and was actively involved in a Charismatic church for 4 years. In 1992 he disassociated himself completely from this movement.

In 1995 his first book entitled “Die Charismatische Bewegung im Licht der Bibel” (The Charismatic Movement in the Light of the Bible) was published. From 1995 till 2003 he took part in the revision of the German Schlachter Bible 2000. In the last years he has published several other books, e.g. on the Emerging Church, the Church Growth Movement,  the Social Gospel among Evangelicals, but also edifying books on man and woman according to the Bible, sanctification, the fear of God and other topics.

For a number of years now he has been giving lectures in churches and at conferences about the Charismatic Movement, about the Bible, and about general Biblical themes. He is involved in the ministry of preaching and shepherding in a Bible-believing church.




Rudolf Ebertshäuser
Ostertagstrasse 13
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Bible quotations in the English texts of this website are taken from the New King James Version, Copyright © 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. All rights reserved.